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Casino Royale opened in 1995 as part of the Jolie Ville Casino & Resort hotel complex.
The venue was purposely built for the Casino and has many stunning features of a classic sophisticated casino
There is an impressive marbled walk-way to the entrance, an intricate lotus flower gold doorway, a grand feature chandelier and  gold and granite interior.

Our Croupiers are trained to international standards and have a vast knowledge of gaming and casino etiquette.  They pride themselves on providing a friendly and efficient service, always happy to help and advice on game rules.  We have an established hierarchy and always have experienced floor managers on duty to assist you.

To insure you have a pleasurable experience at Casino Royale we have a dedicated team who will host you with classic hospitality of a true sophisticated Casino.  Our host team will be happy to assist you with reservations outside the casino and advice on local information making your stay in Sharm el Sheikh and Casino Royale enjoyable.