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Russian Poker at Casino Royale

Russian Poker at Casino Royale

Russian poker is a variation of standard poker where knowledge and luck can combine to give a player an excellent chance of winning big money.

The game was first introduced into casinos in Russia during the 1990’s and has since become extremely popular with players everywhere.

Played against the dealer with fixed odds for winning combinations starting at Ace-King, this game can be very exciting and profitable.


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The player places an ante and can opt to place a bonus bet on achieving at least 3-of-a-kind. Bonus bets pay between 25:1 and 1000:1.

The player is then dealt five cards and decides whether to fold, buy a card or pay to exchange cards.

The Dealer’s hand is dealt with the last card showing which gives the player a clue to the dealer’s hand.

Once the player has their final hand he can choose to bet that he will beat the Dealer or fold.


A player with 2 combinations within a hand can be paid for both. For example, if a player chose to purchase an extra card it’s possible he has a 6 card straight or flush.

In this case, if he beats the dealer, he will be paid for 2 hands (cards 1-5 and cards 2-6). Double payout for one hand … a real winner!

At Casino Royale there are 3 tables for Russian Poker and our dealers are happy to help players who are new to the game to understand the rules and options for betting.